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Our extensive experience in the international occupational health and safety management system specification enables us to provide to our clients effective guidance for the same. The ISO 45001 certification identifies the risk to employees or interested party. We provide our assistance in bringing further improvements in the existing OH&S management system, making it compatible as per prevalent industry standards.

  • Health and safety risks,
  • Reduce the potential for accidents,
  • Help achieve compliance with health and safety legislation and
  • Continually improve its Performance. ISO 45001 is an internationally accepted specification that defines the requirements for establishing, implementing and operating an OHSMS. The specification was developed with the assistance of a number of international standards bodies and certification bodies. ISO 45001 fills a void, in that there is currently no international ISO standard suitable for independent third-party certification.

The following key areas are addressed:

Every company involved in the food supply chain or responsible for the safety of such products can benefit from certification according to ISO 22000:

  • Health & Safety hazard identification,
  • Risk Framework, Risk mitigation control
  • OHSMS programme
  • Training, awareness and competence Building
  • Operational contro
  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Measurement of organizational performance in respect to Health & Safety

Benefits of ISO ISO 45001 Certification:-

  • Increase profit: - ISO 45001 ensures that the organisation identifies and manages health & safety risks effectively, which can prevent unexpected costs for injury claims or disaster recovery and lead to a substantial reduction in insurance premiums. A 50% reduction in insurance premiums is not unusual.
  • ISO 45001 causes organizations to focus on the causes of ill health. This can have a direct and significant effect on days lost for sickness, leading to reduced wage costs and increased productivity.
  • Manage business risk: - ISO 45001 ensures that the organization identifies and manages health & safety risks to its employees, contractors & the public. Since the majority of serious accidents are caused by a failure to carry out risk assessment, or to act on risk assessment effectively, the standard can help the organization to avoid serious accidents, fatalities and interruptions to business operations.
  • ISO 45001 helps the organization to bring their supply chain and contractors under control, reducing the chance of delay or downtime caused by their failure to comply with health & safety legislation.
  • ISO 45001 requires that an organization identifies and manages its legal responsibilities and so avoids prosecution of the organization and its officers.
  • Increase sales: - ISO 45001 boosts an organization's brand reputation and gives access to customers that demand that their suppliers hold a certified health & safety management standard. ISO 45001 helps to reduce operating costs, so helps the organization to maintain margin under price pressure.
  • Improve employee performance: - ISO 45001 ensures that the organisation protects the health & well-being of employees and responds to adverse trends, leading to reduced sickness absence, better morale and lower staff turnover. Skill shortages and lack of competence are identified and addressed, leading to fewer accidents.
  • Improve relationships with third parties:- ISO 45001 re-assures regulators & investors that the organization has health & safety management under control.

How can Lakshy Management Consultant help to get ISO 45001 Certification?

Regular assessments performed by Lakshy Management Consultant helps you to continually use, monitor and improve your Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems and related processes. This improves the reliability of your internal operations to meet customer requirements, as well as overall performance. You may also gain a significant improvement in staff motivation, commitment and understanding of their responsibility in helping ensure workplace safety.

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